L5P E41 ECM Unlock Service by T&B

L5P E41 ECM Unlock Service by T&B


T&B DIESEL’s L5P E41 ECM Unlock Service is the industry-leading solution for unlocking your ECM in less than 48 hours! Our service will unlock your ECM, enabling OBDII flashing abilities on your truck. This service is compatible with all calibrators and is not specifically for use with one particular tuning company. Please note that the ECM must be brand new or the current ECM installed in the truck. After the ECM is unlocked, you must purchase tokens/credits/licenses from your preferred tuning platform to enable aftermarket ECM calibration installation. With T&B DIESEL’s L5P E41 ECM Unlock Service, you can flash your ECM in no time. ECM Unlock Service requires sending your ECM to T&B DIESEL to perform the unlock.


**Note: Core E41 ECMs from another vehicle will not work.


Attention: T&B DIESEL would like to inform customers who are planning to purchase our L5P E41 ECM Unlock Service that it is essential to have tuning from T&B DIESEL or another reputable company prepared for installation. Failing to do so will render the ECM inoperable. It is crucial to flash the L5P E41 ECM with a proper calibration after unlocking in order to ensure seamless functionality and usage. Please make sure to have the appropriate tuning solution ready before proceeding with the unlock service to avoid any complications.



  • *VIN

    Vehicle Identification Number


    This option provides you with a shipping label to send your ECM to T&B. You will select the shipping speed from T&B to you at checkout.



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