2015 – 2019 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke | Engine Tuning by T&B Diesel

2015 – 2019 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke | Engine Tuning by T&B Diesel


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Get ready to experience the ultimate performance boost with T&B Diesel’s engine calibrations for your Ford Powerstroke engine. T&B Diesel’s calibrations are designed to improve every aspect of your vehicle’s performance, from towing capabilities to fuel efficiency. Expect increased acceleration and a significant boost in horsepower and torque, making your Ford Powerstroke more powerful than ever. With T&B Diesel’s engine calibrations, you’ll be able to tow heavier loads easily and experience faster acceleration, all while keeping the engine running at optimal efficiency. T&B Diesel’s calibrations are engineered with precision resulting in a horsepower increase of up to 150 HP over stock.

  • Level 1: +15 HP
  • Level 2: +35 HP
  • Level 3: +66 HP
  • Level 4: +100 HP
  • Level 5: +150 HP

For an additional fee, you can take your Ford Powerstroke transmission to the next level with T&B Diesel’s advanced transmission calibrations. T&B Diesel’s programming improves the shift strategy, providing smoother and more precise gear changes for enhanced driveability. Thanks to the optimized shift points, you’ll experience an improved driving experience, resulting in better fuel economy and reduced transmission wear. T&B Diesel’s transmission calibrations adjust the torque converter lockup strategy for enhanced towing capabilities and overall performance. Upgrade your Ford Powerstroke transmission with T&B Diesel’s calibration and experience the difference in your daily drive.


  • By clicking this box, you are confirming that the vehicle for which this order is being placed is equipped with Original Equipment Manufactured (“OEM”) emissions components. Any order placed for vehicles without OEM emissions components will be canceled and refunded, less a 10% restocking fee. In the case that the calibration has been installed - no refunds will be issued.


    Vehicle Identification Number


    An EZ LYNK AutoAgent 2/3, or a HP Tuners MPVI2/3 or RTD is required to tune your vehicle.


    4 Credits are required to flash your vehicle using the HP Tuners MPVI2/3/RTD. Please select this option if you do not have credits.

    Tokens are required to lynk your vehicle. Please select this option if your vehicle has not already been lynked with T&B


    Select an additional power level.


    The Ford DST (Driver Switchable Tuning) Switch enables the ability to switch between power levels while driving.

    Extend your transmission life and increase your fuel economy with PPEI Transmission tuning! A MUST for tuned trucks with additional torque

    4 credits for the engine and 2 credits for the transmission. 6 total credits are required to flash both engine and trans.


    RTD (or MPVI2/3) Serial Number is located on the back of the device below the QR code.


    Modified entails that your vehicle has at least one of the following: aftermarket injectors, injection pumps, turbos, lift pumps, intake, exhaust, transmission, and other engine components.


    Select each checkbox that applies to your vehicle modifications.


    Provide a brief description of the part(s) - This is for calibration purposes only.



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PPEI, also known as Power Performance Enterprises, Inc., is led by the business owner and lead calibrator/tuner Kory Willis. PPEI began calibrating/tuning back in 2008, specializing in Diesel Performance but has since expanded into the Gas and Powersports industries. Kory and the team at PPEI have set many world records along with continuing many industry “firsts”. We take pride in knowing that Kory not only prides his work, but also thoroughly enjoys setting expectations high for our team so our customers can have the best products available in the world.